Aiva S. Forte is the current main persona of OhNoItsAiva. Her species is a Tiger Tailed Lynx (or orange long tailed lynx) Sarhanna. Her original name was M.F. Molniya and Aiva Molniya, who was also a Wolf Sarhanna. The Sarhanna species was created by ALBurning90. A.S. is well known to be the main enemy of Abel Koopagon. She is currently 14.


Old Design

A.S. is pretty much blue because she's a blue moon wolf Sarhanna. She wears glasses and her eyes are dark blue. Her feathers are a pattern of blue and gray. She wears a green shirt that says "02", indicating her birth year. She wears jeans. Her tail is short and puffy. She has 2 fangs. She also appears to have claws  

New Design

A.S. changed a lot. She now wears a blue and cyan hoodie. She is now a lynx, but confusion is she looks more like a typical tiger. Her feathers are different now, as they are now orange with gray stripes. She still wears jeans. She also appears to have paws. She now has gray stripes by her eyes. In her more recent artwork, the top of her ears are bent, just like a lynx. Her mascara is now cyan