Aidan Koopa is the 3rd oldest and 2nd shortest of the main 7 Aivalings, being 19, of OhNoItsAiva. He is drawn by Aiva the most & is considered her favorite out of them. He has the element of earth.


Aidan is a fun loving teen. Though he is shortest of his other siblings, he is the 3rd oldest and he is psychic and has a telekinesis ability. Born with lazy eye, his lazy eye worn off as he grew. Being one of the only 2 gay koopalings, Aidan has a love interest on Nolan Cody Koopa. Being named after Aiva's real life peeps, he isn't exactly the real Aidan as a koopaling, instead the real Aiva was inspired by the real Aidan and made a koopaling who has more of a nicer and cuter side as an AU.

- Aidan's Bio according to his reference.


  • Aidan's original design was actually the original Matthew von Koopa
  • Aidan's personality is the opposite of the real Aidan's, Aidan Koopa is cool, chill, and isn't a smart mouth.
  • Aidan's head design never really changed except for missing his bangs after his 3rd design and the lazy eye being gone.
  • Aidan's 2nd design had part of Larry's hair, similar to old Abel.
  • Aidan's Misdeed/Mysvarian counterpart is named Gideon (originally Tiny) Misdeed/Tawdry Mysvarian. For more counterparts, see Aidan Koopa/Counterparts
  • Aidan's Novis counterpart is named Valun Novis.
  • Aidan is the only koopaling that didn't have a major change from his original design
    • Even with the facial hair, height, and attire counted.