Aiva Forte Koopa is the retired main sona of Bready42fazbro. She is like the old Abel Koopagon , as she became more forgotten overtime. She died during a battle with her human counterpart.


Aiva is considered the evil counterpart of the real Aiva. Aiva Forte is more rabid and tried to kill the real Abel and the real Matthew, however, the real Aiva threw Aiva Forte into a lava put, leading to Aiva Forte's death.

- Aiva's bio according to her reference.


  • Aiva's original design was suppose to be Abel's twin.
  • Aiva had the same Mohawk for her many designs.
  • Aiva was being more forgotten because of lacking design and personality ideas.
  • Her Misdeed/Mysvarian counterpart was another retired sona named Emeralda Misdeed/Sapphire Mysvarian.
  • Her Novis counterpart is named Solstice Novis.
  • Aiva Forte's middle name does not match to Bready42fazbro's middle name, as her middle name starts with A.
  • Oddly, Aiva and Niko have the same birthday.
    • This is because the real Aiva and Niko have the same birthday, however, Aiva made Niko 1 year older than Aiva Forte to prevent people to be confused of who's older.
  • Aiva is hated by Bready
    • One reason is the lack of a backstory
    • Another reason is she made a better version