Austin Khan Koopa is the youngest, yet largest of Bready42fazbro 's koopalings. He is a 15-year old British boxer who enjoys his occupation.


Despite being the youngest of bready's family, Austin is the strongest and largest of the breadylings. Austin is a 14 1/2 year old British Koopa (revealing he's British with his new design). Being named after one of Aiva's peeps, he isn't exactly the real Austin as a koopaling, yet his Koopa counterpart has anger issues similar to the real Austin.

- Austin's bio according to his reference.


  • Austin was the last of the Main 7 to be created (Created on September 11, 2014)
  • Austin was originally the 2nd shortest.
  • Austin was originally the 3rd oldest.
  • Austin's Misdeed/Mysvarian counterpart is named Jadeston Misdeed/Malision Mysvarian.
  • Austin's Novis counterpart is named Permafrost Novis.
  • If you notice closely, his colors are inverted from Bowser's
  • Austin is one of the few OC koopalings who hit puberty from age 10-14.