Gideon Misdeed, also known as Tiny Misdeed and Quarry Mysvarian, is one of Aidan's major counterparts. He is a Misdeed version of him, only much older and much larger.


Gideon has a similar appearance to Aidan, however, his shell remains orange, only to have no rings. Just like every other Misdeed, he has a gem on his stomach, indicating that Gideon's main color is orange, like Aidan. He appears to have a orange line running from his back to the end of his tail, where he appears to have 1 spike. Like every Misdeed, he has 4 toes (1 on the back of his feet, 3 in front). He appears not to wear wristbands. He has 1 fang too. Unlike Aidan, his head is green, as for Aidan, his head is cyan. One of his eyes appears normal, with a red iris, while the other, his eye is black with a cyan iris, and he has purple eyelids, just like Beethoven von Misdeed. His hair mostly resembles Aidan's, however, each side has 4 spikes, 3 spikes on top, and 3 bangs. His hair is mostly red, with a blue coloration at the end of his hair.


Not much is known about Gideon, other than he and Aidan are rivals, and he has a relationship with Fangs Misdeed, just like Aidan is with Nolan.