Matthew von Koopa is the eldest, being 21, of the Aivalings. He had a very dark childhood, now wanting to kill Bowser and take his throne. He has the element of cosmic power.


Being the eldest, Matthew is the only Aivaling to be a Koopa instead of a Koopaling. Despite being colorful and gay-looking, Matthew is the opposite of that. Matthew was nearly killed by Luigi in his early childhood, so he grew hate on humans. He became a serial killer, genocidal, and omnicidal. He only trusts his siblings and his cousins. Matthew was named after one of Aiva's peeps, but he isn't the real Matthew as a koopa, as Aiva was inspired by the real Matthew. Despite having a German middle name, Matthew is actually Russian.

- Matthew's bio according to his reference.


  • Matthew had 4 major designs, 2 being beta.
  • Matthew's first design was actually the original Aidan Koopa. Aiva decided to change Matthew's name into Aidan.
  • Matthew and the Aivaling's ages are based on the birth order of the real Matthew and the others. To make this more confusing, Aiva changed the birth years and make pretty much all her koopalings 1 year older than the other.
  • Matthew's Misdeed/Mysvarian counterpart is named Luke van Misdeed/Allegro Mysvarian.
  • Matthew's Novis counterpart is name Zahara Novis.