Nolan Cody Koopa is the second-oldest and second-tallest out of the breadylings. He is a wacky 20 year old revealed to be homosexual due to the reveal of his love interest for Aidan Koopa . He has the element of water.


  • Nolan had 4 designs throughout his existence. 1 was beta, while the other 3 were official.
  • His first design is suppose to be a recolor of Iggy Koopa, with Lemmy Koopa's ponytail, however, this was changed to Lemmy's hair as his 1st official design.
  • His recent design changes included a major change on his hair, shell, eyes, and he was given the accessories of shades, wrist covers, and knee covers.
  • Around that time, it was decided that Nolan would be homosexual, being paired up with Aidan.
  • There is a rare version of Nolan if he calms down, possibly revealing his true form.
  • Very rarely, Nolan would be called Shawn Koopa.
  • Nolan and the Aivaling's ages are based on the birth order of the real Nolan and the others. To make this more confusing, Aiva changed the birth years and make pretty much all her koopalings 1 year older than the other.
  • Oddly, many people consider Aiva's 3 oldest koopalings their favorites out of all her koopalings, the other 2 are Matthew and Aidan.
  • Ironically, the user Nolanwigz has a koopaling named Nolan, however, to keep this confusion out, Aiva put Cody in Nolan's middle name just so people can tell them apart.
  • Nolan's Misdeed/Mysvarian Counterpart is named Fangs Misdeed/Bonkers Mysvarian (W.I.P.)
  • Nolan's Novis Counterpart is named Voda Novis