This is a list of all of OhNoItsAiva's Characters:

Main Characters

A.S. Forte

Bready42fazbro's main persona. She is a Blue Moon Wolf Sarhanna.

Aidan Koopa

Aiva's most drawn koopaling, as she considers him her favorite.

Abel Koopagon

Aiva's 2nd most drawn Koopa...gon? Aiva been drawing him like crazy ever since she made the redux and return of Abel Koopa, in Koopagon form, after a 3 month hiatus of his disappearance.

Matthew von Koopa

The eldest of all of Aiva's Koopalings, Matthew has a very dark childhood, wanting to kill Bowser and take his throne.

Nolan Cody Koopa

Being the 2nd oldest, Nolan Cody is a wacky 20 year old. He is revealed to be homosexual because of his love interest on Aidan.

Austin Khan Koopa

Being the youngest, but largest of the Aivalings, Austin is a 14 year old British Boxer who enjoys what he does.

Niko Koopameleon Jr.

Being a Koopa/Chameleon hybrid, Niko is the middle child. Often picked on because of his short (not as short as Aidan) size for his age.

Aiva Forte Koopa

Although, not being considered Aiva's main persona, Aiva Forte became the old Abel Koopa and became more forgotten.

Ray Koopa

Ray is the official replacement for Aiva Forte, however, in the original image of Ray, he has a knife. According to Aiva, the knife just represents her being replace, as Ray doesn't kill (Aiva died in lava)

The One

The One is the true main antagonist in the Aivaverse. He is the one that caused "The Accident"

Upcoming/Future Characters

Abel Koopagon's family 


Dolan O'Sullivan

Abel's great-grandfather (Gilroy's Side)  

Betty O'Sullivan

Abel's great-grandmother. (Gilroy's Side)

Flynn Nolan

Abel's great-grandfather (Cassidy's Side)

Fiona Nolan

Abel's great-grandmother (Cassidy's Side)

Marcas Murphy

Abel's great-grandfather. (Bedelia's Side)

Berta Murphy

Abel's great-grandmother (also only Polish ancestor). (Bedelia's Side)

Mannix Koopa

Abel's great-grandfather. (Cullen's Side)

Chloe Koopa

Abel's great-grandmother. (Cullen's Side)


Gilroy O'Sullivan

Abel's grandfather (Shirley's Side)

Cassidy O'Sullivan

Abel's grandmother (Shirley's Side)

Cullen Koopa

Abel's grandfather (Carlo's Side)

Bedelia Koopa

Abel's grandmother (Carlo's Side)


Carlos Koopagon

Abel's Father.

Shirley Koopagon

Abel's Mother.

Evil A.S. Forte

The evil version of A.S. Forte. She has dark blue fur, brown eyes, a large werewolf-like body build and extremely furry, a shirt that says "NOT 2002!" which is purple, a torn up cape, pointier ears, sharper teeth, longer claws, torn up jeans, pointy shades, and spikier feathers.

Nolaidan Fanchildren

Logan Koopa

Having a simliar appearance to Aidan, Logan resembles his "male-mom" (Aidan, in this case).

Jordan Koopa


Nathan Koopa

Nathan is the oldest of the 5.

Blake Koopa 


Aidan Koopa, Jr.


Other Characters

Doug the Rat


Simon the Goose


Steven Rabbit