Ray Koopa is the 7th member of OhNoItsAiva's Aivalings and the official replacement of Aiva Forte Koopa, who is Aiva's old main sona. He is the tallest of the Aivalings, even being taller than Austin. Carrying a knife in the original image of him, it can be assumed that Ray is a killer. He actually does not kill, and the knife only represents him being the replacement of Aiva Forte.



Ray despises Lemmy, for being the oldest of the 3 and being extremely annoying to him during his earlier years.


Out of Lemmy and Iggy, Ray prefers Iggy more, as he is younger than Ray. He use to be his best friend until he met Matthew when Ray was 15.


  • Ray was created to be the replacement of Aiva Forte Koopa.
  • He was made to be the tallest of the Aivalings.
  • He's one of the few koopalings without a conformed birthday, the other being Austin
    • However, it is claimed he is older than Abel, but younger than Aiva, making him 17.
      • It is also claimed he is born in June, but his Zodiac is Gemini
  • His best friend is Matthew von Koopa.
  • His design looks slightly similar to Niko Koopameleon Jr.'s.
  • Just like every other Aivaling, he was named after one of Aiva's classmates.
  • Aiva made Ray, due to the fact she dislikes female characters.
    • However, Aiva is female, and she claimed she's tomboyish.
  • Ray and Lemmy are siblings
    • Their father is named Remmy